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Top 5 Best Hotels in Badrinath

top 5 best hotels in badrinath

The supreme home of Lord Vishnu is one of the holiest of the sacred sites of the Char Dham pilgrimage in India, and it is situated at a height of 3,133 meters in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. Our overall travel budget will be appropriate if we stroll there and secure a hotel arrangement for our comfortable living. This blog will look at the details of the top 5 best hotels in Badrinath.

The top 5 Best Hotels in Badrinath are listed below:

  • Hotel Bhagat

  • Narayan Palace

  • Sarovar Portico

  • New Hotel Snow Crest

  • SS International

Hotel Bhagat

Hotel Bhagat near badrinath

The Hotel Bhagat comes in the list of top 5 best hotels in Badrinath. This hotel is located halfway between Badrinath and Joshimath. And it has all the features that it needs. Additionally, one of Badrinath's top hotels according to all hotel lists. There are now 24 rooms available in the motel. Also available directly next to the hotel is a helipad. Passengers can also receive Darsan services for both Badri and Kedar Dhams on the same day from this helipad. The Valley of Flowers can also be reached from here. Whose headquarters are in Ghagharia? The journey to the Valley of Flowers also starts from there.

Narayan Palace

narayan palace hotel near badrianth temple

A distinctive hotel in its own right is Narayan Palace Hotel Badrinath. On the list of the top 5 best hotels in Badrinath, this hotel is the most well-liked.. Everyone needs a place to rest their weary head. Hotel Narayan Palace is a fantastic option for travelers visiting Badrinath who are looking to unwind and recharge.

Sarovar Portico

sarovar portico hotel near badrinath

In close proximity to the holy Badrinath Temple is the Sarovar Portico Hotel. And it also comes in the top 5 best hotels in Badrinath. This hotel first welcomed guests in 2007 with the intention of providing them with comfortable comforts and upscale amenities.

The lodge provides magnificent views of the beautiful valleys and the snow-covered Nilkanth peak. The hotel's Ayurveda center offers tourists healing and revitalizing treatments.

New Hotel Snow Crest

New hotel snow crest near badrinath temple

Another best hotel that comes under the list of top 5 best hotels in Badrinath with contemporary amenities is New Hotel Snow Crest. This hotel is a part of a chain. This hotel has numerous locations around India. And it receives appropriate living and dining arrangements. You might think about staying at this hotel if you plan to travel to Badrinath Yatra.

SS International

SS International hotel near badrinath temple

If you're looking for a luxurious hotel in Badrinath, Hotel SS International Badrinath is a great option for explorers who want to be close to the Badrinath Temple and the local market. This is the legacy of Badrinath's top 5 best hotels in Badrinath. Unquestionably, one can enjoy an hour's worth of sky resources and a special vantage point of the Nar Narayan Mountain Range. Participate in the well-organized environmental features inside the grounds.


In the above article, you can surely see the top 5 best hotels in Badrinath with detailed information. You can choose any hotel according to your need and comfort while you traveling to Badrinath Temple.

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