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All About Kedar Tal Uttarkashi

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

kedar tal trek uttarkashi

Perhaps the most famous lake in Uttarakhand is Kedar Tal Uttarkashi, often known as "Shiva's Lake." In the Uttarkashi region, at a height of 4,912 meters above sea level, is this lovely, cool lake. As the Kedar ice mass dissolved, it created Kedar Tal Lake and the Kedar Ganga River, an important feeder of the Bhagirathi River. Everything you need to know about Kedar Tal Uttarkashi is included on this page.

Highlights of Kedar Tal Uttarkashi

  • Climb to one of the world's most amazing cold lakes and observe the splendor of the highest peaks from a distance.

  • Enjoy an exploration course and search the Gangotri Temple for presents from goddess Ganga.

  • Amazing camping spots and breathtaking views of the massive mountains that surround the scene.

  • Enjoy the enthralling trail, the lush surroundings, and the peeking snow-covered hills. A perfect weekend trip for seasoned travelers and adventure seekers.

Some Facts About Kedar Tal

  • Kedar Tal Trek: 5 Nights and 6 Days

  • The highest point is 15,583 feet.

  • Kedar Tal Trek difficulty Moderate

  • Distance from Kedar Tal Trek: 38 km

  • 12° to 17°C during the day and -1° to 3°C at night.

  • The best months for the Kedar Tal Trek are May, June, September, and October.

  • ATM: Uttarkashi has ATMs that you can find.

  • Start/End Location: Gangotri

kedar tal trek

Important Points to Remember

  • Spend some time getting used to the high altitudes because the climate there is different from that in the fields.

  • Consult a doctor before setting off on the journey. transport a medical aid unit and basic medications with you.

  • Take note of the tour leaders and instructors to participate in a trip free from any threat.

  • Avoid drinking alcohol or using other intoxicants while on your trip.

  • Protection is important since water is so highly valued.

  • Unless it is part of your routine and a companion is present, try to avoid traveling at night as this could result in unanticipated mishaps.

  • Avoid wearing headphones while traveling; doing so could impair your visibility.

  • Avoid using plastic containers and respect the biological balance of the objections.

  • The experts need to be informed in advance if the trip needs to be canceled.

  • It is necessary to abide by the state government's rules. Separation from society must be maintained. The use of a veil and repeated hand washing are advised.

  • Please present a valid ID at the time of registration.

  • You will get the precise location after making your reservation.

  • There are knowledgeable guides available to ensure excellent security as well as additional information and individualized care, all of which are necessary to understand the worth of a journey.

  • A clean and squeaky vehicle with a competent driver for the expedition, especially for rough terrain.

  • The weather affects each and every exercise.

  • In the wilderness, setting up camp is really necessary. Extravagances should not be anticipated. Only a few places might have access to power.

  • Campgrounds may or may not regularly have access to portable and PC charging stations.

  • Private expenses, items of an individual character, unmentioned dinners, etc., will not be included in the package.

  • Bring dry snacks and food from home. Bring water bottles with you so you can rehydrate them.

  • Keep your equipment to a minimum; the more you convey, the more trouble you cause.

  • Children under the age of seven are not advised to go on this trip.

  • In the event of any emergencies or foreseeable calamities, the administration retains the discretion to modify the Kedar Tal route.

  • For the trip to Kedar Tal Uttarkashi, it is advised to pack plenty of cozy clothing and the appropriate footwear.

  • Grant fees are not included in the Kedar Tal travel package.

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Things to Carry for Kedar Tal Uttarkashi

  • Headlight

  • Comfortable clothing

  • Toilet paper and wipes

  • The walking stick

  • Rucksack

  • Bottle of water

  • Thermals and wool coats

  • Walking boots

  • Insect and mosquito repellant

  • Heated inners

  • Waterproof windcheater

Itinerary for Kedar Tal Trek

  • Day 1 Gangotri: Welcome to God's country, and then proceed on a peaceful hike to Surya Kund.

  • Day 2 Bhoj Kharak: Exciting 8 KM spider wall hike

  • Day 3 Kedar Kharak: Explore the park's backcountry trails

  • Day 4 Kedar Tal: Marvel at the weird, immaculately clear green lake that blends seamlessly into the surroundings.

  • Day 5 Gangotri; respect the sacred site of Ganga

  • Day 6 Back to Dehradun


In this article, we have provided you with all the information regarding Kedar Tal Uttarkashi, we hope that this article is going to be very helpful for you if you are planning your trip to Kedar Tal Uttarkashi.

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