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Vasuki Tal Trek

vasuki tal trek near kedarnath uttarakhand

Vasuki Tal is a glacial lake that is 13,800 feet above sea level and is stunning due to its shiny appearance. The holy temple of Kedarnath Dham has located approximately 8 km from the lake, which is located in the Rudraprayag district. When snow-capped mountains are reflected in the lake, the location appears more gorgeous and becomes even more sacred. The Chaukhamba peaks that surround Vasuki Tal Lake appear to be shielding it from all sides.


According to Hindu legend, Lord Vishnu once took a bath in this fortunate lake on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. As a result, this location gained notoriety in Hindu mythology, and Vasuki Tal was given as the name for this lake at that time. Vasuki Tal lake is a less popular location, yet it is well known for its beautiful scenery and not just for hiking; many spiritual adherents also come here to meditate. The best thing about the Vasuki Tal trek is that it has a lot of Brahma Kamal, or Himalayan flowers, which add to the beauty of the area.

Location of Vasuki Tal

The Vasuki Tal trek starts from Kedarnath Dham as its starting point, and it requires a total distance of roughly 8 km to reach Vasuki Tal. Vacationers aiming for spiritual wellness are attracted to this location as well as adventurous travelers. This journey is not recommended for those who are medically unfit due to the difficulty of the terrain and the potential threat to them. Vasuki Tal is around 13,800 feet in height, making it a challenging hike. Gauri Kund is located 24 miles apart from Kedarnath Temple, which is 16 km away, and Vasuki Tal Lake, which is 8 km away.

How to Reach Vasuki Tal ?

Everyone dreams of taking the hike to Vasuki Tal lake, and it is crucial for those who are traveling to Kedarnath Dham to do so. Both young people and spiritual tourists love visiting this place. It is best to bring a travel guide with you if you are wanting to visit Vasuki Tal so that you can easily complete the trip without even getting lost in paradise.

You must first travel from Gauri Kund to Kedarnath by the Rambara path, which is approximately 16 km, in order to see Vasuki Tal. From there, the Vasuki Tal trek begins, and it is approximately 7 kilometers from there that you may take in the magnificent views of the Mandakini River. You only need to hike 1 km down from Vasuki Tal Hill Top to get there, and you'll have a breathtaking view of the Chaukhamba peaks and Mandakini River.

Things to carry for Trek

things to carry for vasuki tal trek

  • Walking Shoes

  • Warm Clothes

  • Portable backpack

  • Rain jacket

  • Dry Foods

  • Small Medical kit

  • Light

  • Drinking water

  • Umbrella

Best Time to Visit

Vasuki Tal Trek is a high-altitude trek located at 13,800 feet, making it difficult to hike in the winter due to the severe snowfall. The lake can be visited in the summer from May to June and after the monsoon from September to October. Due to the weather and increased risk during the monsoon season, Vasuki Tal is also not advised during that time.

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