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TriyugiNarayan Temple Uttarakhand

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A completely well-known temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu can be found in the Rudraprayag neighbourhood called TriyugiNarayan. The Triyuginarayan Temple, which is located on the route to Kedarnath, is significantly larger than other Indian temples. In this well-known temple, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati got married in this temple.

The temple is situated at an elevation of 6500 feet in Triyugi Narayan Village. The village itself is a sight to behold, with its beautiful meadows and clear skies that seem to shout praises to the sacred temple that adorns the temple. This lovely temple holds a lot of significance for newlywed couples who come here in search of benefits for a successful marriage.

They come here immediately in the hopes that their union will be as fortunate as that of Lord Shiva and Parvati. This area has gained popularity as a Wedding Destination over time, with numerous couples lining up to get married here once more.

TriyugiNarayan Temple Uttarakhand

triyuginarayan temple uttarakhand

There are numerous stories about Lord Shiva and Parvati in the city of Triyuginarayan itself. It is said that Lord Shiva asked Parvati to marry him at Guptakashi and that they later exchanged vows at Triyuginarayan. The local folks will narrate the tale everywhere you go.

They talk about how Lord Vishnu himself attended the wedding and served as Parvati's brother during the ritual. The Brahma, who is said to have served as the wedding's priest, also makes an appearance. The small ponds in and around are also the places where the Gods are said to have taken a swim before getting married. The ponds have now received a heavenly blessing as a result.

Wedding Destination

As more and more new wedding ceremony locations emerge, wedding ceremony destinations are becoming increasingly well-known. However, when it comes to the most well-known wedding ceremony destinations, Triyuginarayan comes to mind.

The Architecture of Triyuginarayan Temple

Moving on to the Triyuginarayan Temple's structure, it resembles the old Kedarnath Temple quite a bit. Locals in the rural kingdom said that the temple was built by Adi Shankaracharya, a well-known saint who later achieved international renown as a logician and author. And the triyuginarayan temple Uttarakhand was built around 1200 Years ago.

How to Reach?

The temple is located 12 km from Sonprayag and is surrounded by majestic mountains and lush greenery. Pilgrims seek to travel five kilometres toward the Gutter path from Sonprayag, avoiding a dense forest.

Trekking about 25 km is quite a distance from Kedarnath Temple to Triyuginarayan Temple Uttarakhand. You can alternatively choose to hike from Mussorie to Triyuginarayan through Tehri, Mala Point, Ghuttu, Panwali, and Kanta. However, it will take you 17 days to finish this entire hiking trip.

By Air: Jolly Grant Airport, located 240 kilometres away, is the closest airport to this site. It is well connected to Delhi, and you may take a cab from Guptakashi to travel to the Triyuginarayan temple Uttarakhand.

By Train: Rishikesh, which is the closest railway station and is connected to it by motorable roads, is situated 219 kilometres away.

By Road: To travel to this site, take a bus or a taxi from any of the major towns in and surrounding Uttarakhand, including Haridwar, Dehradun, Chamoli, Srinagar, Uttarkashi, and Rishikesh.


There are numerous simple, and reasonably priced hotel options available here since the Triyuginarayan temple is quickly becoming a popular location for destination weddings. Some hotels and resorts offer rooms with balconies. Additionally, you might book decent accommodation for as cheap as INR 600 per night. (Suggested Hotel Agrabhawan)

Best Time to Visit

The Triyuginarayan Temple Uttarakhand lies at excellent altitudes and it covers in snow for the majority of the year. Therefore, the spring season, which runs from March to June, is a gift to pay a visit over here. The months of November through March are also fantastic times to go if you want to appreciate the chilly air and snow surrounding you. There may be unexpected landslides occurring in the area during the downtime, or unfavourable weather patterns could affect your travel. The hours for temple darshan are 7 AM to 7 PM.

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